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Deep Fried Kool-Aid

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Also, don’t forget the deep fried Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, deep fried Oreos and deep fried turkey legs.

Photo taken in the Big E fairgrounds in West Springfield, Massachusetts.

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12.15.11, 8:36 AM | Posted by Astutis

There should be a health warning sign here too!

02.18.12, 2:25 PM | Posted by daelon

Is this black fest

02.24.12, 2:50 PM | Posted by Raphael

hey guys. The cardiac arrest fair is in town. Lets go kill ourselves

03.29.12, 7:41 PM | Posted by Claudia

Again, you can fry ANYTHING…

06.06.12, 4:03 PM | Posted by random person

There is also a deep fried snickers sign off to the side. LOLZ

07.11.12, 9:55 AM | Posted by therealhannah

someone figuered out how to deep fry beer….

07.20.12, 7:06 PM | Posted by Iris

OMG what did I do with the picture of the “fried butter” stand

07.27.12, 10:47 AM | Posted by jorgie

Deep fried oreo’s?!?

08.29.12, 12:55 PM | Posted by ME oH..

Omg, omg can i fry AIR too?!!?!!

08.31.12, 7:01 AM | Posted by Ben

ahhhh… I love this country.

11.09.12, 11:55 AM | Posted by raymond1245

omg this shit looks soo tasty but idk how u can deepfry a liquid lol

01.24.13, 5:56 AM | Posted by Aaron

something tells me this is from the southeastern U.S.

05.24.13, 7:36 PM | Posted by Amanda


It says that the picture was taken in Massachusetts. But I’m from South Carolina, and I must say, I can not tell a lie about my profuse love for deep fried oreos.

07.13.13, 9:54 AM | Posted by Noel

O.o how do you deep fry a liquid? Unless they’re frying the powder

07.25.13, 10:01 PM | Posted by bob

just came from our state fair. there is a booth there selling deep fried kool aid. yes, they fry the powder. no, I did not try it.

11.01.13, 9:27 PM | Posted by rexsk1

Is this canada?

05.22.14, 2:46 AM | Posted by kem

i’m glad it only comes around once or so a year. is yummy but dang it is bad for you!!! everyone should try koolaid and oreo, nutter butters at least once.just even a bite. but with everything…. MODERATION

07.20.14, 9:49 PM | Posted by SheSaid

@ daelon, racist remark much?

09.29.14, 10:54 AM | Posted by Mr.X

MMMM… deep fried kool aid… MMM..

10.06.14, 8:02 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Neat trick if you can do it.

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