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Death to the IRS

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08.27.11, 5:02 PM | Posted by Hannah

that are the people that put you in debt, they also forclose (take away) your house and car and job

08.30.11, 1:25 AM | Posted by Crazy

and why the I.R.S died?

09.03.11, 4:55 AM | Posted by Crazy

are they cremated,freezed or grenaded?

10.11.11, 6:29 AM | Posted by Johnathan

they died because no-one likes them.

12.30.11, 2:42 AM | Posted by megan

If only sigh

02.04.12, 12:16 PM | Posted by therealhannah

THE IRS DIED BECAUSE THEY DIED!!! oh wat do i care

02.25.13, 9:32 AM | Posted by Amy

They just want us to think they are dead so they can screw with us..don’t be fooled! 🙂

10.12.13, 1:48 PM | Posted by LAYLA

now my mom doesnt have to pay taxes yay! PS:nobody likes them

09.17.14, 2:42 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Every taxpayer’s fantasy

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