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Gravestones, Names

They always were a smelly family.

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12.09.11, 4:25 PM | Posted by Brittany

i wonder if they knew Mr. P.U….

02.03.12, 6:43 PM | Posted by therealhannah

do u notice their last names aren’t Smellie?

06.04.12, 3:35 PM | Posted by Rita

Yes their last name is Smellie… The names below are their first and middle… hmm people these days!

11.24.12, 2:49 PM | Posted by therealhannah

@ Riga : :(

11.28.12, 2:27 AM | Posted by bear

thes people also voted for Obama in 2012 ….. twice!

06.06.13, 8:51 AM | Posted by A . J. Green

They may be gone but the odor lingers on forever.

01.01.14, 2:08 PM | Posted by William Eric Sauer

Not anymore.

05.18.15, 8:42 AM | Posted by AllenSmithee

Toppie Smellie’s parents! They so loved fried chicken in the oven.

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