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Road, Warning

Even more dangerous if you are driving a convertible.

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12.14.12, 7:00 PM | Posted by therealhannah

world war 3 already?

12.19.12, 10:30 AM | Posted by Gabriel

Judging by this sign they have more chrash time then hang time

01.10.13, 9:34 PM | Posted by Don

DANGER!…..this town is populated with indestructible cars.

03.04.13, 7:43 AM | Posted by Sakota

WARNING: Airplanes will poop on you. (^_^)

06.20.13, 8:12 PM | Posted by Jojo Rakadan

Looks to me like it’s warning you about how planes often fly here, but may lose their wheels, which will then hit you and/or your car extremely hard.

08.30.13, 7:10 PM | Posted by someone

to me it looks like:

warning our planes crash fly at your own risk

10.07.13, 4:21 PM | Posted by Boobhead69erzz

Warning – Planes may urinate on you or your car.

11.18.13, 8:54 AM | Posted by TheCrue

The first time I saw this, I assumed it was bear being bounced off the vehicle. Sort of like a ‘Please dont send Yogi flying.

02.02.14, 8:59 PM | Posted by BrutalMind

Get the hell out of the way or a plane might land on your vehicle..

06.26.14, 7:45 AM | Posted by Sakota

Why’d u think it was a bear?

07.15.14, 2:53 PM | Posted by Doug

I think its actually a sing on the runway: “Warning, cars may be armed with surface-to-air missiles”

01.04.15, 11:01 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

I think it means: Pilots of rubber airplanes, don’t fly low over highways” 😀

10.25.15, 3:16 PM | Posted by Teddy

Flying airplanes from your antenna is a bad idea.

12.15.16, 1:14 PM | Posted by Stephen A. Fletcher

Are we in danger of low flying airplanes because we are coming up to a landing strip, or is it this road that airplanes fly low near this road? Please somebody tell me this.

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