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Gravestones, Names

Dang Gravestone – submitted by Joseph Clasen

Location: Holly Sepulcher Cemetery – Cudahy, Wisc.

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07.15.14, 11:34 AM | Posted by Robloxer1224

Dang these 3 people were SERIAL KILLERS!!!

08.05.14, 9:35 PM | Posted by chris

The mother & father are still alive……the boy was only 10 years old……that makes me sad.

11.18.14, 1:02 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Dang me…they oughta take a rope and hang me…

11.22.14, 4:55 PM | Posted by Laurie

Classless. A 10 year old is dead and his parents are still alive but had to write their names on a tombstone so they could bury their child. Whoever took this shouldn’t have made a joke of it.

12.04.15, 3:15 AM | Posted by skywatcher

What is Ms. Thudung Dang’s nickname?

11.07.16, 8:40 PM | Posted by Ben

The Dad Hung himself

01.15.17, 8:34 AM | Posted by Terminator

your right

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