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Curved Yellow Fruit

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Evidently, someone has a trademark on the word banana.

Photo source estoufarto.com

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10.14.11, 8:53 AM | Posted by Johnathan

yeah. they’re called “bananas”. and the round red fruits are called “apples”

01.05.12, 5:35 PM | Posted by Maddie

here let me make you a new sign… instead of calling them yellow curved fruit, how about we call them bananas, btw yeah thats what they are called. duhh

01.21.12, 11:07 AM | Posted by Karen Wright

I have seen signs like this in two local Citgo gas stations. However, they are preprinted and not handwritten

01.27.12, 11:57 AM | Posted by Sativa

well someone needs to go back to kidergarden

02.29.12, 3:42 PM | Posted by therealhannah

at least the sign-maker knows theyre fruit (gives a slightly hopeful face)

03.02.12, 4:29 PM | Posted by Black Ops King

Thx couldnt tell

07.17.12, 11:36 AM | Posted by odd

“Bikes with steering wheel” i s acctualy my concern.

06.27.13, 4:31 PM | Posted by Fluttershy

Banana, Plantain, Musa, and other related words are trademarks of the Everfree Forest Preservation Society.
(C) F. Shy 1980-2013

08.07.13, 12:41 PM | Posted by HLMA85

Don’t you mean bananas?

05.24.14, 6:45 PM | Posted by na

Are you guys really so stupid you don’t understand that this is a joke

10.12.14, 9:44 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

I hope it is, na.

05.27.15, 9:12 AM | Posted by Jarra

Maybe this is, at a longer glance, is sale smarts… It got you talking about the faux pas… You may be more likely to buy a curved yellow fruit and boast about it to your friends how clever you are compared to the profit making grocer?

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