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Cow said “Baa”

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Well… that’s one way to explain to kids what the 9th commandment is.

“The 9th Commandment – ‘You shall not give false witness.’ – Exodus 20:16”

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December 31, 2011 · Posted by Heidi

Benjamin!!! Hey, that’s MY sign I made!!!! You’re never going to live this one down!!!

March 11, 2012 · Posted by jonathan

you are stupid and idiots

March 11, 2012 · Posted by jonathan

yeah like he said

April 24, 2012 · Posted by bob

bible equals b.s.

July 26, 2012 · Posted by stuff

He was only learning a foriegn language seriously

August 03, 2012 · Posted by Wimpstick

Thou shalt not attend to the sunday school (specially in a sunday as you probably have something better to do)

December 17, 2012 · Posted by therealhannah

i get wonderful Internet connection in the bathroom!

May 02, 2013 · Posted by Amber Rose

Also, the dog goes “Meow”

May 23, 2013 · Posted by credible

i’m actually curious-so what did the cow say then anyway???

September 19, 2013 · Posted by mictosoft sam

Commanme.t number 9 is u shall not covet ur nebors wife

July 14, 2014 · Posted by mydim3


September 13, 2014 · Posted by Doug Montgomery

(To No. 4) More like Bob’s Stupid.