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Connocting Poopie?

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Business, Engrish

I always heard Nokia phones stink. Now I know why…

“Nokia – Connocting Poopie”

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02.20.12, 8:01 PM | Posted by therealhannah

it should be connecting people, not connocting poopie. oh, stupid people. ;P

11.13.12, 8:55 AM | Posted by UPSWife

Nokia is a huge international brand… You’d think they’d at least have someone who spoke English to help non-English speaking countries perfect their signs, lol.

03.15.13, 9:58 AM | Posted by Poopsie

Clearly they meant “concocting”

03.23.13, 11:05 PM | Posted by Hubert

Oh No! That’s what they have been doing the whole time!?!

06.01.13, 10:14 AM | Posted by Devin du Plessis

If you look carefully at the mark below the Nokia it is an old Ericsson sign lol cheapskates

01.19.14, 11:13 AM | Posted by Sakota

The letter thief strikes again!

09.20.14, 11:18 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Reminds me of a line from M*A*S*H: Radar read a letter to Hawkeye. It was supposed to say “we’re counting the days,” but he said “we’re connecting the dogs.”

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