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Confused in Chicago

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04.13.11, 3:36 PM | Posted by Greg

I really can’t make sense of this one.

04.14.11, 1:45 PM | Posted by Sarah T

Sadly this is pretty typical for road work in Chicago

08.29.12, 12:59 AM | Posted by ME oH..

One way, not this way or that way…

11.12.12, 4:37 PM | Posted by therealhannah


03.08.13, 1:21 AM | Posted by Steph

These kinda of signs are everywhere in Chicago..

11.01.13, 10:04 PM | Posted by Darkus R.

Wait, so I have to go left, but I can’t go left, and I can’t go right or straight because it’s one way to the left and I can’t go left and…

12.27.14, 3:22 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

The only thing you can do is scale the fence!

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