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Confused About Parking?

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Parking, Road

Just read the sign, it’s pretty straightforward.

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02.06.12, 6:52 PM | Posted by therealhannah

you’d get towed away it takes so long to read!

03.20.12, 5:42 AM | Posted by MarkTheMeS

Looks like you can stop all you want in October, November, December, January, & February. I’d have more trouble remembering what day it is than reading the sign.

06.06.12, 10:22 PM | Posted by TJG

I wish the parking signs in NYC were that straightforward.

05.11.13, 2:03 AM | Posted by Feasibility Calulator

That either takes dedication to learn when to park there, or they’re trying to discourage it at all costs…..or gains. How close to this to a parking garage?

07.13.13, 5:20 PM | Posted by Noel

Its actually pretty straight forward, just too specific

01.17.14, 6:22 PM | Posted by Sakota

I get it;
The black arrows connect with the black date, & the white arrow connects with the white date. Got it in under a minute.

06.14.16, 10:59 AM | Posted by JaysonE

The dates correspond to San Francisco Giants 2007 Home games. I read somewhere that signs like this one could be found around the old Candlestick Park.

10.05.16, 11:32 AM | Posted by Brad

This is why I take the train

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