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Christmas: Easier to Spell Than Hannukah

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Christmas, Church

Well… that’s one way to pick your holidays.

“Christmas: Easier to spell than Hannukah – Cross of Christ Deliverance Temple”

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12.20.12, 6:29 PM | Posted by therealhannah

actually, since hannukka came from hebrew, there are tons of ways to spell it. if u write it and it can be pronounced hanukka, then youre fine.

07.10.13, 6:28 PM | Posted by Jamie

The way I see it – Hannukah is only 8 letters, compare to 9 for Christmas,
and it uses most letters twice… Seems easier to me.

10.07.13, 4:12 PM | Posted by Boobhead69erzz

Anuka is how I used to spell it. always spelt christmas right

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