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Christ Died for Our Dunkin Donuts

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09.15.11, 8:13 AM | Posted by Mark

OMG! Thank you, Lord! :)

10.18.11, 7:00 AM | Posted by Johnathan

It’s just too bad that there was no-one to die for our sins afterward.

10.26.11, 8:47 AM | Posted by Johnathan

those must have been some holy donuts

03.07.12, 10:15 AM | Posted by Greg

This was taken in Atlantic City, NJ driving north on Atlantic Avenue. I grew up there and would see the “Christ Died…” sign but never looked at it from this angle. LOVE IT!

06.03.12, 8:51 AM | Posted by IM SEXY AND I KNOW IT

And the Devil died for our drunken donuts.

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