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Caution: Spray Range 7-10 Feet

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You’ve been warned…

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03.15.12, 10:47 AM | Posted by Ekay

I wish they had a sign like that at the zoo near my place. My daughter’s friend got “marked” during a visit. Not cool.

04.14.12, 12:47 AM | Posted by Domo

Lol, i remember, i was only 4 and i messed around with the lion. He sprayed me straight in the face lol

06.03.12, 8:55 AM | Posted by IM SEXY AND I KNOW IT


09.15.12, 10:30 AM | Posted by Jabo

I got sprayed in the face, too, but as an adult. It went in my mouth. Gross.

07.13.13, 10:03 AM | Posted by Noel

What kind of zoo is that?? Allowing the animals to get so close. And with that fence a little kid could stick its hand in there and…yeah

12.05.13, 6:38 PM | Posted by Marie

I swear I saw this exact sign at the San Diego zoo. Possibly where it was taken. And no really you can get sprayed if you get too close it happens all the time when the lion gets mad.

02.28.14, 6:08 PM | Posted by Jackie

They should have had a sign like this at the zoo my son and I went to in upstate New York, because he got sprayed by a lion. It was hilarious!

07.20.14, 9:56 PM | Posted by SheSaid

Don’t be in pissing range when they get pissed. Um, wait… Nevah mind.

10.09.14, 12:02 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Kitty, kitty, kitty…HEY!!

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