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Caution: Heavy Plant Crossing

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Parks, Warning

Even Tom Hanks is confused by this…

Photo taken by Tom Hanks.

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08.17.12, 11:12 AM | Posted by Unimportant

What a hell?

09.11.12, 6:27 PM | Posted by Bob

It means heavy vehicles,duh

10.14.12, 2:17 PM | Posted by Lisa

Why the “duh” Bob? It says “plants,” not vehicles! Where is plant a synonym for vehicle?

10.16.12, 12:00 AM | Posted by Penny

Heavy vehicles such as tractors are known as plants.

10.22.12, 11:19 AM | Posted by Ryan

Is that Tom Hanks? Sure looks like him.

12.20.12, 10:17 PM | Posted by Rachel Taylor

Also there could be a manufacturing PLANT and when they get off there is a lot of traffic.

12.21.12, 6:36 PM | Posted by Lisa

I’am dumass

01.04.13, 9:19 PM | Posted by therealhannah

the first thing i saw in my mind was potted plants using leaves as feet to cross the street.

03.02.13, 7:55 PM | Posted by Sakota

The first I thought of was a root runner. (Skylanders Giants)

05.31.13, 3:24 AM | Posted by paul

Definately Tom Hanks..was the first thing I thought, second was why the hell would he be stood next to that though!

10.16.13, 1:10 AM | Posted by general contractor manteca ca

What’s the difference between an air spa container and whirlpool?

05.21.14, 11:00 PM | Posted by kem

It is tom hanks, he took the picture and it was in people magazine also. its from a movie set.

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