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Caution, Falling Cows

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Road, Warning

You better moooooooo-ve it or you’ll get hit by a cow.

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04.19.11, 10:13 AM | Posted by Benjamin

This is where Cows go to commit suicide I think 🙁

07.31.11, 8:44 PM | Posted by Hannah

uh oh are people dumping thier cows again?

11.27.11, 12:39 AM | Posted by drew

idk which to feel bad for the stupid cow or the person dumb enough to drive under a falling cow

07.28.12, 1:22 AM | Posted by jorgie

Cows cant commit suicide

10.01.12, 6:23 PM | Posted by Blitz

the idiot though he could fly
i mean the car not the cow

11.12.12, 12:10 PM | Posted by Jodi

The fact that a sign is necessary is quite disturbing!

11.29.12, 11:00 AM | Posted by Lmao guy


11.30.12, 9:33 PM | Posted by Hermione

The sign is located in the canyon going from Lake Isabella, CA to Bakersfield, CA. Cows graze on the Moutan and one fell off and onto a passing car one year. Someone tried to remove the cow because they thought it was a stupid joke but it’s there for a reason. I still laugh every time I pass the sign though…

11.30.12, 9:34 PM | Posted by Hermione


12.09.12, 8:09 PM | Posted by Kaylee

there is a sign in red river NM too

12.27.12, 7:15 PM | Posted by ud dock

The French are throwing cows


02.03.13, 4:28 PM | Posted by Brittany

That’s in the canyon, the main road between Lake Isabella and Bakersfield in CA. Nothing scarier in the night then turning one of the hairpin corners and coming face to face with a giant cow. Never saw one fall off the cliff but have seen house and car size boulders fall from a storm. Have heard of cows losing their footing and falling though! It happens!

02.15.13, 2:53 PM | Posted by Betty Frampton

One finds them on the treacherous coastal Hwy 1 in CA north of Jenner. We’ve actually come face to face with a cow in the middle of a hairpin curve–no idea how he got there as the cliffs were sheer drops to the ocean on all sides. Up until that experience, we thought the signs were jokes.

11.29.14, 9:39 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Birdie, birdie, in the sky
Why’d you drop that in my eye?
I’m a big boy, I don’t cry;
I’m just glad that cows don’t fly!

12.01.15, 2:05 AM | Posted by skywatcher

This was a lot of bull, but we milked it pretty good.

10.07.16, 6:14 AM | Posted by Brad

The cows can’t see the cliff. It on the other side of the moon.

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