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Funny Warning and Safety Signs

A growing collection of 243 funny warning, safety, hazard and danger signs. Rate, comment on, or submit your favorite funny sign pictures.

This Won’t End Well - Funny Sign

This Won’t End Well

48 ratings
Fart Kontrol - Funny Sign

Fart Kontrol

47 ratings
Attention Dogs - Funny Sign

Attention Dogs

53 ratings
Wheelchair Man vs. Crocodile - Funny Sign

Wheelchair Man vs. Crocodile

78 ratings
No Elephants in Trucks - Funny Sign

No Elephants in Trucks

37 ratings
No Swimming If… - Funny Sign

No Swimming If…

44 ratings
Do Not Sit On Fence - Funny Sign

Do Not Sit On Fence

51 ratings
Dying Right Here Is Strictly Prohibited - Funny Sign

Dying Right Here Is Strictly Prohibited

72 ratings
I’ll Take Their Word - Funny Sign

I’ll Take Their Word

43 ratings
Message for Babies - Funny Sign

Message for Babies

35 ratings
No Riding Triceratops - Funny Sign

No Riding Triceratops

46 ratings
Execution in Progress - Funny Sign

Execution in Progress

57 ratings
You Are Being Monitored - Funny Sign

You Are Being Monitored

46 ratings
Arrest Stupid People - Funny Sign

Arrest Stupid People

34 ratings
Caution, Falling Cows - Funny Sign

Caution, Falling Cows

72 ratings
Trouble For You - Funny Sign

Trouble For You

31 ratings
Wheelchair Users - Funny Sign

Wheelchair Users

39 ratings
Road Hump - Funny Sign

Road Hump

33 ratings
Caution Depression Ahead - Funny Sign

Caution Depression Ahead

34 ratings
School Free Drug – Zone - Funny Sign

School Free Drug – Zone

42 ratings
No Littering – Violators Will Be Fine - Funny Sign

No Littering – Violators Will Be Fine

36 ratings
No Underwater Smoking - Funny Sign

No Underwater Smoking

46 ratings
Don’t Feed Children to the Crocodiles - Funny Sign

Don’t Feed Children to the Crocodiles

50 ratings
Beware Jumping Gay Walrus - Funny Sign

Beware Jumping Gay Walrus

59 ratings