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Funny Warning and Safety Signs

A growing collection of 243 funny warning, safety, hazard and danger signs. Rate, comment on, or submit your favorite funny sign pictures.

A Very Compelling Warning - Funny Sign

A Very Compelling Warning

51 ratings
Please Respect the Stairs - Funny Sign

Please Respect the Stairs

36 ratings
If You Are Stolen - Funny Sign

If You Are Stolen

79 ratings
Good Call - Funny Sign

Good Call

34 ratings
In Summertime… - Funny Sign

In Summertime…

49 ratings
Sign Reading Challenge - Funny Sign

Sign Reading Challenge

60 ratings
Don’t Make Noise! - Funny Sign

Don’t Make Noise!

46 ratings
Anyone Caught Exiting… - Funny Sign

Anyone Caught Exiting…

113 ratings
Do Not Remove This Seal! - Funny Sign

Do Not Remove This Seal!

75 ratings
Stairs Trap - Funny Sign

Stairs Trap

55 ratings
Deflated Knobby Balls - Funny Sign

Deflated Knobby Balls

36 ratings
But It Looks So Fun!… - Funny Sign

But It Looks So Fun!…

31 ratings
Nude Sunbathers Eating Waffles - Funny Sign

Nude Sunbathers Eating Waffles

79 ratings
Flies Proceed With Caution - Funny Sign

Flies Proceed With Caution

108 ratings
Beat the Moose - Funny Sign

Beat the Moose

41 ratings
Unusual Doors - Funny Sign

Unusual Doors

60 ratings
Zoologically Improbable? - Funny Sign

Zoologically Improbable?

59 ratings
You’ve Been Warned - Funny Sign

You’ve Been Warned

42 ratings
No Planking - Funny Sign

No Planking

37 ratings
Let Other People Sit On Your Lap - Funny Sign

Let Other People Sit On Your Lap

41 ratings
Don’t Kiss the Fish - Funny Sign

Don’t Kiss the Fish

46 ratings
Do You Know the Poo Rules? - Funny Sign

Do You Know the Poo Rules?

40 ratings
Wear Goggles When Grinding - Funny Sign

Wear Goggles When Grinding

34 ratings
Drunken People Crossing - Funny Sign

Drunken People Crossing

55 ratings