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Funny Store and Supermarket Signs

Notices, warnings and announcements make up this growing collection of 44 funny store and supermarket signs. Rate, comment on, or submit your favorite funny sign pictures.

Store Tip - Funny Sign

Store Tip

6 ratings
I Love You - Funny Sign

I Love You

8 ratings
Make Your Pancakes More Metal! - Funny Sign

Make Your Pancakes More Metal!

9 ratings
They Accept EVERYTHING! - Funny Sign


21 ratings
Open the Door Before Entering - Funny Sign

Open the Door Before Entering

16 ratings
No Eggs for Minors - Funny Sign

No Eggs for Minors

13 ratings
That’s a Lot of Cereal - Funny Sign

That’s a Lot of Cereal

16 ratings
Everything .99¢ (or less or more) - Funny Sign

Everything .99¢ (or less or more)

18 ratings
What If I Told You - Funny Sign

What If I Told You

18 ratings
Czechs Welcome - Funny Sign

Czechs Welcome

36 ratings
You Had One Job… - Funny Sign

You Had One Job…

35 ratings
Unbeatable Prices - Funny Sign

Unbeatable Prices

60 ratings
Ice Cold Cow Juice - Funny Sign

Ice Cold Cow Juice

47 ratings
Now Accepting Dr. Pepper - Funny Sign

Now Accepting Dr. Pepper

43 ratings
Define Your Bold Eyes - Funny Sign

Define Your Bold Eyes

49 ratings
Toilet Demonstration - Funny Sign

Toilet Demonstration

98 ratings
T-Shirts for $4.99 or 2 for $900 - Funny Sign

T-Shirts for $4.99 or 2 for $900

50 ratings
Look What $1 Will Buy! - Funny Sign

Look What $1 Will Buy!

77 ratings
Jesus Was Here - Funny Sign

Jesus Was Here

66 ratings
Welcome Back Students! - Funny Sign

Welcome Back Students!

58 ratings
Religion Free DVD Player - Funny Sign

Religion Free DVD Player

49 ratings
Face Remover - Funny Sign

Face Remover

67 ratings
I’m Sorry? - Funny Sign

I’m Sorry?

39 ratings
Time for Lunch! - Funny Sign

Time for Lunch!

57 ratings