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Funny Speed Limit Signs

A growing collection of 9 funny speed limit signs and warnings. Rate, comment on, or submit your favorite funny sign pictures.

Speeding Tickets on Sale - Funny Sign

Speeding Tickets on Sale

80 ratings
Speed Limit Enforced - Funny Sign

Speed Limit Enforced

86 ratings
Upside Down Speed Limit - Funny Sign

Upside Down Speed Limit

37 ratings
Watch for Zombies - Funny Sign

Watch for Zombies

48 ratings
Fart Kontrol - Funny Sign

Fart Kontrol

47 ratings
Pick Your Own Speed Limit - Funny Sign

Pick Your Own Speed Limit

38 ratings
Speed Limit 27 MPH - Funny Sign

Speed Limit 27 MPH

36 ratings
Drive Slow, Drive Fast - Funny Sign

Drive Slow, Drive Fast

42 ratings
Speed Limit 14.5 MPH - Funny Sign

Speed Limit 14.5 MPH

35 ratings