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Funny School Signs and Names

A growing collection of 24 funny school name pictures. Rate, comment on, or submit your favorite funny sign pictures.

Welcome Back Teachers - Funny Sign

Welcome Back Teachers

9 ratings
You Will Be Educated - Funny Sign

You Will Be Educated

16 ratings
B. Rick Whal - Funny Sign

B. Rick Whal

23 ratings
School Without Google - Funny Sign

School Without Google

31 ratings
Boys and Girls Trash? - Funny Sign

Boys and Girls Trash?

16 ratings
0 Days Without Singing - Funny Sign

0 Days Without Singing

29 ratings
Planning? - Funny Sign


40 ratings
No Internet Connection? - Funny Sign

No Internet Connection?

36 ratings
Now That’s Cold! - Funny Sign

Now That’s Cold!

42 ratings
Dog Bless! - Funny Sign

Dog Bless!

42 ratings
Please Do Not Sharpie on Sleeping Students - Funny Sign

Please Do Not Sharpie on Sleeping Students

47 ratings
Welcome Back Students! - Funny Sign

Welcome Back Students!

58 ratings
German School - Funny Sign

German School

61 ratings
What kind of school? - Funny Sign

What kind of school?

32 ratings
Parent Night! - Funny Sign

Parent Night!

39 ratings
Punctuation Fail - Funny Sign

Punctuation Fail

54 ratings
Proud Hooker Mom - Funny Sign

Proud Hooker Mom

44 ratings
Run Away from School - Funny Sign

Run Away from School

45 ratings
School: Resistance Is Futile - Funny Sign

School: Resistance Is Futile

60 ratings
Decent Public School - Funny Sign

Decent Public School

40 ratings
Our Teachers Make a Differance - Funny Sign

Our Teachers Make a Differance

27 ratings
Pansy Kidd School - Funny Sign

Pansy Kidd School

30 ratings
Get High on Education - Funny Sign

Get High on Education

48 ratings
This School is Epic! - Funny Sign

This School is Epic!

32 ratings