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Funny Road and Highway Signs

A growing collection of 116 funny road, highway and warning signs and funny street and town names. Rate, comment on, or submit your favorite funny sign pictures.

Most Dangerous Intersection? - Funny Sign

Most Dangerous Intersection?

33 ratings
Watch Track - Funny Sign

Watch Track

28 ratings
Welcome to Assberg - Funny Sign

Welcome to Assberg

25 ratings
Going Around in Circles - Funny Sign

Going Around in Circles

28 ratings
State Prison Lodging - Funny Sign

State Prison Lodging

31 ratings
The Letter 7 - Funny Sign

The Letter 7

28 ratings
Dead End Cemetary - Funny Sign

Dead End Cemetary

56 ratings
Adopt or Lynch a 4th Grader? - Funny Sign

Adopt or Lynch a 4th Grader?

48 ratings
No Elephants in Trucks - Funny Sign

No Elephants in Trucks

37 ratings
Light Never Turns Green - Funny Sign

Light Never Turns Green

60 ratings
Caution, Falling Cows - Funny Sign

Caution, Falling Cows

72 ratings
Beware: Guys With Purses - Funny Sign

Beware: Guys With Purses

41 ratings
Entering Humptulips - Funny Sign

Entering Humptulips

34 ratings
Deeth Starr Valley - Funny Sign

Deeth Starr Valley

40 ratings
Push From Behind - Funny Sign

Push From Behind

50 ratings
Drive Slow, Drive Fast - Funny Sign

Drive Slow, Drive Fast

42 ratings
Helmets Recommended - Funny Sign

Helmets Recommended

28 ratings
Horne E. Church - Funny Sign

Horne E. Church

35 ratings
How do you pronounce Zzyzx? - Funny Sign

How do you pronounce Zzyzx?

34 ratings
Bear Bottom Drive - Funny Sign

Bear Bottom Drive

26 ratings
Smoking Area - Funny Sign

Smoking Area

37 ratings
Bong Recreation Area - Funny Sign

Bong Recreation Area

30 ratings
Satan’s Kingdom - Funny Sign

Satan’s Kingdom

42 ratings
Backwards STOP Sign - Funny Sign

Backwards STOP Sign

46 ratings