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Funny Road and Highway Signs

A growing collection of 110 funny road, highway and warning signs and funny street and town names. Rate, comment on, or submit your favorite funny sign pictures.

Draw Bridge - Funny Sign

Draw Bridge

72 ratings
Fail Road - Funny Sign

Fail Road

45 ratings
Speed Limit Enforced - Funny Sign

Speed Limit Enforced

85 ratings
Beer Crossing - Funny Sign

Beer Crossing

59 ratings
Left Lane Must Turn Left - Funny Sign

Left Lane Must Turn Left

33 ratings
Road Closed Due to Flooding - Funny Sign

Road Closed Due to Flooding

75 ratings
Slow Deaf Child - Funny Sign

Slow Deaf Child

43 ratings
Sign Not In Use - Funny Sign

Sign Not In Use

66 ratings
Boring Oregon - Funny Sign

Boring Oregon

52 ratings
Stop, Collaborate and Listen - Funny Sign

Stop, Collaborate and Listen

40 ratings
Baptist Pumpkin Center - Funny Sign

Baptist Pumpkin Center

34 ratings
Sign Reading Challenge - Funny Sign

Sign Reading Challenge

60 ratings
Confused About Parking? - Funny Sign

Confused About Parking?

50 ratings
Citizen Disposal - Funny Sign

Citizen Disposal

36 ratings
Right Turning Traffic - Funny Sign

Right Turning Traffic

24 ratings
Middlefart - Funny Sign


43 ratings
No Shoulder Riding Allowed - Funny Sign

No Shoulder Riding Allowed

51 ratings
Road Work Ahead - Funny Sign

Road Work Ahead

41 ratings
Mixed Message - Funny Sign

Mixed Message

41 ratings
Turn Lelt - Funny Sign

Turn Lelt

44 ratings
Absolutely No Pie - Funny Sign

Absolutely No Pie

55 ratings
Humped Pelican Crossing - Funny Sign

Humped Pelican Crossing

39 ratings
Drunken People Crossing - Funny Sign

Drunken People Crossing

55 ratings
If You Hit This Sign… - Funny Sign

If You Hit This Sign…

70 ratings