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Funny Road and Highway Signs

A growing collection of 110 funny road, highway and warning signs and funny street and town names. Rate, comment on, or submit your favorite funny sign pictures.

Speed Bumps Ahead - Funny Sign

Speed Bumps Ahead

1 rating
Ain’t No Traffic - Funny Sign

Ain’t No Traffic

10 ratings
This is Where the Sidewalk Ends - Funny Sign

This is Where the Sidewalk Ends

34 ratings
Death Valley Health Center - Funny Sign

Death Valley Health Center

34 ratings
NO - Funny Sign


43 ratings
No Uni-Brows - Funny Sign

No Uni-Brows

37 ratings
Careful… You’re Doing it Wrong - Funny Sign

Careful… You’re Doing it Wrong

54 ratings
Dont’t Drink and Drive - Funny Sign

Dont’t Drink and Drive

41 ratings
Woman Hollering Creek - Funny Sign

Woman Hollering Creek

32 ratings
Danger - Funny Sign


38 ratings
Witch Way? - Funny Sign

Witch Way?

28 ratings
Only No Left Turn - Funny Sign

Only No Left Turn

54 ratings
Stop. Hammer Time. - Funny Sign

Stop. Hammer Time.

53 ratings
Spoon - Funny Sign


42 ratings
Deer Dance Party - Funny Sign

Deer Dance Party

61 ratings
Ahead Road Sign - Funny Sign

Ahead Road Sign

39 ratings
Dirve Thru - Funny Sign

Dirve Thru

44 ratings
Look out! Bieber! - Funny Sign

Look out! Bieber!

40 ratings
Tetris Road Sign - Funny Sign

Tetris Road Sign

69 ratings
Bat Cave - Funny Sign

Bat Cave

53 ratings
Hakuna Matata Road Sign - Funny Sign

Hakuna Matata Road Sign

55 ratings
Speeding Tickets on Sale - Funny Sign

Speeding Tickets on Sale

80 ratings
Right Lane Must Right Left - Funny Sign

Right Lane Must Right Left

65 ratings
Mixed Messages - Funny Sign

Mixed Messages

42 ratings