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Funny Office and Desk Signs

Warnings, nameplates, and notices make up this growing collection of 60 funny office, workplace, desk and business signs. Rate, comment on, or submit your favorite funny sign pictures.

Not an Exit - Funny Sign

Not an Exit

53 ratings
Magical Poop-Stealing Water Chair - Funny Sign

Magical Poop-Stealing Water Chair

54 ratings
Mechanical Shaft - Funny Sign

Mechanical Shaft

41 ratings
Use Non-Ferrous Nipples Only - Funny Sign

Use Non-Ferrous Nipples Only

32 ratings
This Is Not Here - Funny Sign

This Is Not Here

42 ratings
T-Rex Free Building - Funny Sign

T-Rex Free Building

55 ratings
Got Milk? - Funny Sign

Got Milk?

58 ratings
Homemade Doorbell - Funny Sign

Homemade Doorbell

70 ratings
Call 666 - Funny Sign

Call 666

34 ratings
Elevator Located in China - Funny Sign

Elevator Located in China

68 ratings
Bottles and Cans - Funny Sign

Bottles and Cans

46 ratings
Anyone Caught Exiting… - Funny Sign

Anyone Caught Exiting…

113 ratings
Deflated Knobby Balls - Funny Sign

Deflated Knobby Balls

36 ratings
Toilet Paper Only - Funny Sign

Toilet Paper Only

43 ratings
Bob Marley Printer - Funny Sign

Bob Marley Printer

88 ratings
Unusual Doors - Funny Sign

Unusual Doors

60 ratings
Zoologically Improbable? - Funny Sign

Zoologically Improbable?

59 ratings
Drama Free Zone - Funny Sign

Drama Free Zone

37 ratings
Paint in the Office - Funny Sign

Paint in the Office

43 ratings
Velociraptor-Free Workplace - Funny Sign

Velociraptor-Free Workplace

41 ratings
In Case of Fire… - Funny Sign

In Case of Fire…

77 ratings
Asteroids Button - Funny Sign

Asteroids Button

35 ratings
Clap for Bubbles - Funny Sign

Clap for Bubbles

64 ratings
8th Floor Has Been Relocated - Funny Sign

8th Floor Has Been Relocated

47 ratings