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Funny Gravestones and Tombstones

Funny names, unfortunately placed notices and puns make up this growing collection of 15 funny gravestones, tombstones, headstones and grave markers. Rate, comment on, or submit your favorite funny sign pictures.

Dang - Funny Sign


22 ratings
Rude - Funny Sign


33 ratings
Found Him! - Funny Sign

Found Him!

50 ratings
RIP Batman - Funny Sign

RIP Batman

54 ratings
Death to the IRS - Funny Sign

Death to the IRS

34 ratings
Death Stinks - Funny Sign

Death Stinks

28 ratings
Here Lies a Stiff - Funny Sign

Here Lies a Stiff

33 ratings
Kaput Tombstone - Funny Sign

Kaput Tombstone

33 ratings
Dead End Cemetary - Funny Sign

Dead End Cemetary

56 ratings
Paul Was An Assman - Funny Sign

Paul Was An Assman

39 ratings
What a Nimrod - Funny Sign

What a Nimrod

29 ratings
Jakshitz Gravestone - Funny Sign

Jakshitz Gravestone

35 ratings
RIP Dumfart - Funny Sign

RIP Dumfart

62 ratings
Oh No! - Funny Sign

Oh No!

40 ratings
Bye Gravestone - Funny Sign

Bye Gravestone

45 ratings