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Funny Engrish Signs

Notices, billboards, and displays make up this growing collection of 78 funny engrish, Japanese, Chinese and Korean bad translation signs. Rate, comment on, or submit your favorite funny sign pictures.

You Are Here - Funny Sign

You Are Here

6 ratings
You Will Be Boiled - Funny Sign

You Will Be Boiled

21 ratings
Pregnant Wifi? - Funny Sign

Pregnant Wifi?

16 ratings
One Place One Dream - Funny Sign

One Place One Dream

17 ratings
Poo Poo Smoothies - Funny Sign

Poo Poo Smoothies

20 ratings
Clothes Will Be Removed? - Funny Sign

Clothes Will Be Removed?

25 ratings
Don’t Drink a Car - Funny Sign

Don’t Drink a Car

38 ratings
Do Not Make Cucumber - Funny Sign

Do Not Make Cucumber

28 ratings
Beware of Missing Foot - Funny Sign

Beware of Missing Foot

34 ratings
Virus.com Internet - Funny Sign

Virus.com Internet

21 ratings
Fish & Ships - Funny Sign

Fish & Ships

33 ratings
Coca-Cora - Funny Sign


36 ratings
A Pride Man is Below to Pig - Funny Sign

A Pride Man is Below to Pig

39 ratings
No Swimming If You Can’t Swim - Funny Sign

No Swimming If You Can’t Swim

37 ratings
A Gentle Reminder - Funny Sign

A Gentle Reminder

29 ratings
For a Better Life - Funny Sign

For a Better Life

40 ratings
Pay Down Whatever You Have and Walk Out Smiling - Funny Sign

Pay Down Whatever You Have and Walk Out Smiling

25 ratings
Facefood - Funny Sign


49 ratings
Religion Free DVD Player - Funny Sign

Religion Free DVD Player

49 ratings
Michaelsoft Binbows - Funny Sign

Michaelsoft Binbows

41 ratings
Hot Dogs and AIDS - Funny Sign

Hot Dogs and AIDS

37 ratings
I’m Sorry? - Funny Sign

I’m Sorry?

39 ratings
Dork Biscuit Stick - Funny Sign

Dork Biscuit Stick

41 ratings
10 Min Walk… - Funny Sign

10 Min Walk…

36 ratings