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Funny Defaced Signs

Defaced Notices, warnings, advertisements and billboards make up this growing collection of 52 funny defaced, vandalized and altered signs. Rate, comment on, or submit your favorite funny sign pictures.

Speed Bumps Ahead - Funny Sign

Speed Bumps Ahead

1 rating
Please Check If You Flushed - Funny Sign

Please Check If You Flushed

2 ratings
Ain’t No Traffic - Funny Sign

Ain’t No Traffic

10 ratings
No Uni-Brows - Funny Sign

No Uni-Brows

37 ratings
Does God Have a Flan For Me? - Funny Sign

Does God Have a Flan For Me?

39 ratings
No We Won’t - Funny Sign

No We Won’t

77 ratings
Define Your Bold Eyes - Funny Sign

Define Your Bold Eyes

49 ratings
You’re Not My Dad - Funny Sign

You’re Not My Dad

52 ratings
Stop. Hammer Time. - Funny Sign

Stop. Hammer Time.

53 ratings
Dog Bless! - Funny Sign

Dog Bless!

42 ratings
Don’t Tell Me What to Do in My Restroom - Funny Sign

Don’t Tell Me What to Do in My Restroom

49 ratings
X-Men Bathroom Sign - Funny Sign

X-Men Bathroom Sign

36 ratings
Dr. Hedgehog - Funny Sign

Dr. Hedgehog

92 ratings
Tetris Road Sign - Funny Sign

Tetris Road Sign

69 ratings
Hakuna Matata Road Sign - Funny Sign

Hakuna Matata Road Sign

55 ratings
Draw Bridge - Funny Sign

Draw Bridge

72 ratings
Mechanical Shaft - Funny Sign

Mechanical Shaft

41 ratings
Beer Crossing - Funny Sign

Beer Crossing

59 ratings
Marley and Me - Funny Sign

Marley and Me

51 ratings
Bacon Water Please! - Funny Sign

Bacon Water Please!

86 ratings
For Lease Navidad - Funny Sign

For Lease Navidad

91 ratings
Bottles and Cans - Funny Sign

Bottles and Cans

46 ratings
Stop, Collaborate and Listen - Funny Sign

Stop, Collaborate and Listen

40 ratings
Do Not Remove This Seal! - Funny Sign

Do Not Remove This Seal!

75 ratings