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Funny Construction and Road Work Signs

Warning and information notices make up this growing collection of 10 funny construction, traffic and road work signs. Rate, comment on, or submit your favorite funny sign pictures.

Beware Loose Sand - Funny Sign

Beware Loose Sand

24 ratings
Umbrella Opening Area - Funny Sign

Umbrella Opening Area

62 ratings
Road Work Ahead - Funny Sign

Road Work Ahead

41 ratings
Don’t Be Afraid of the Space Rays - Funny Sign

Don’t Be Afraid of the Space Rays

53 ratings
Humps for 60 Yards - Funny Sign

Humps for 60 Yards

26 ratings
Trouble For You - Funny Sign

Trouble For You

31 ratings
Road Hump - Funny Sign

Road Hump

33 ratings
Lane Closed To Ease Congestion - Funny Sign

Lane Closed To Ease Congestion

44 ratings
Works Ahead – Cyclists Dismantle - Funny Sign

Works Ahead – Cyclists Dismantle

23 ratings
Bridge Out - Funny Sign

Bridge Out

26 ratings