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Funny Church Signs

A growing collection of 35 funny church signs, messages and sayings. Rate, comment on, or submit your favorite funny sign pictures.

Wireless Access to God - Funny Sign

Wireless Access to God

35 ratings
To Arrrr Is Pirate - Funny Sign

To Arrrr Is Pirate

33 ratings
Don’t Dishonor Your Father - Funny Sign

Don’t Dishonor Your Father

37 ratings
Google Church Sign - Funny Sign

Google Church Sign

37 ratings
Church for Stoners - Funny Sign

Church for Stoners

31 ratings
Little Hope Baptist Church - Funny Sign

Little Hope Baptist Church

39 ratings
God Moves Moainunts! - Funny Sign

God Moves Moainunts!

25 ratings
Meth Bible Camp - Funny Sign

Meth Bible Camp

48 ratings
Horne E. Church - Funny Sign

Horne E. Church

35 ratings
Don’t Let Worries Kill You - Funny Sign

Don’t Let Worries Kill You

47 ratings
Christ Died for Our Dunkin Donuts - Funny Sign

Christ Died for Our Dunkin Donuts

64 ratings