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I’m afraid to think who would show up if I called this number.

“Call 666 for the Rapid Response Team”

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02.03.12, 4:18 PM | Posted by therealhannah

does any one know wat 6 is in german?

03.29.12, 4:29 PM | Posted by Albert

Not this.

07.27.12, 10:55 AM | Posted by jorgie

@therealhannah its sechs

11.19.12, 3:04 PM | Posted by therealhannah

That was a rhetorical question

12.22.12, 8:03 PM | Posted by Fluttershy

Discord will show up.

02.19.13, 1:13 AM | Posted by Mike

It is just a number, which is the mark of the beast. But still a number, which those on the other side come very quickly after the call. Okay, I am scared.

01.17.14, 5:52 PM | Posted by Sakota

Therealhannah sadly I know what it sounds like.

07.20.14, 9:35 PM | Posted by SheSaid

A young priest and an old priest.

07.20.14, 9:36 PM | Posted by SheSaid

The power of Christ compels you!!

09.28.14, 10:32 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Sechs, sechs, sechs, Hannah.
But I think whoever chose it is sick, sick, sick.

01.31.16, 1:43 PM | Posted by goplatypus

therealhannah, six in German is sechs[pronounced Z-E-X]

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