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Buy Her a Diamond, Get a Free Hunting Rifle

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How romantic!

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10.25.12, 4:11 PM | Posted by therealhannah

i hope whom ever buys me a ring doesnt want a rifle

11.28.12, 10:38 AM | Posted by WolfVillage

The first for engagement, the second for divorce.

12.03.12, 2:04 PM | Posted by Evans Graphics

I am not sure of the relevance of this sign but I feel distinctly worried!

12.20.12, 10:11 PM | Posted by Rachel Taylor

I bought my husband a rifle for his wedding present.

12.29.12, 8:33 PM | Posted by ud dock

No ONE wants to buy you a ring hannah

12.31.12, 10:15 PM | Posted by therealhannah

In Georgia, by the way.

01.10.13, 1:48 PM | Posted by Lelah

Ah, good ol’ shotgun wedding!!

01.10.13, 10:10 PM | Posted by Don

Rest assured…if she knows where he bought the ring, the answer is gonna be “no”.

01.19.13, 9:24 PM | Posted by laney

ill take both plyz 😉

01.28.13, 2:20 PM | Posted by Logan

Puts a new twist on the term “Trophy Wife”

02.03.13, 4:57 PM | Posted by lisa

I’ll explain the sign:
buy a ring for the person you’re having an affair with and use the gun on your wife.

02.10.13, 10:41 AM | Posted by flyboy

I’m speechless.

10.04.13, 1:42 PM | Posted by Jason Quin

I actually know some dudes who would take this sign really seriously…

10.27.13, 1:19 PM | Posted by Mike

Reminds me of Bowling for Columbine, where he gets a free gun for opening a bank account. Depressing movie, depressing sign.

01.02.14, 8:06 AM | Posted by JustBrowsing

This is a great idea. Once I give the ring, I can go hunting. I’ll look for game, and she can look at her ring. This is WIN-WIN!

03.03.14, 6:38 AM | Posted by paul

get a shotgun for her father

04.13.14, 2:37 PM | Posted by Mar mar

Looks like from arkansas, ya’ll

09.14.14, 10:15 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Good Lord, man! Don’t you know a rifle from a shotgun?!

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