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I Do Not Like This Flavor

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Advertisements, Defaced, Restaurant

I like scotch and I like funnel cakes… but I think I’ll pass on this…

“Butt Scotch Funnel Cakes”

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12.30.11, 2:43 AM | Posted by megan

MMM butt scotch

03.27.12, 6:44 AM | Posted by Shirley scott


03.27.12, 6:53 AM | Posted by Shirley scott

goo one for facebook

08.10.12, 1:32 AM | Posted by Justine

A few similar themed ideas for a caption popped into my head all at once Butt Scotch + Funnel Cakes= Worst car trip home from the carnival ever. Or Butt Scotch + Funnel Cakes= Worst day at the fair ever. Or Butt Scotch + Funnel Cake= awful amusement park snack idea or Feeding your kids Butt Scotch + Funnel Cake= Massive Parenting Fail.

I can just imagine my grandmother walking past this sign, and innocently Wondering aloud what on earth butt scotch was!

01.18.14, 11:32 AM | Posted by Sakota


02.03.15, 10:32 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Tell your kids the funnel cakes are butt scotch and see what happens.

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