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What do you think this is, a bus stop?

“Bus Stop (you can’t take a bus from here)”

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09.08.11, 2:19 PM | Posted by littlefish

Apprently you can only get OFF the Bus here.

11.27.11, 6:08 PM | Posted by Dawn

Well thats just confusing.

02.25.12, 11:15 PM | Posted by lisa

You see this bus…do you baby…you like this bus dont you. Well you cant ride it!!! ha ha

08.29.12, 1:09 PM | Posted by ME oH..

Buses stop here.. who said they’re going to pick you up? :-D

11.27.12, 6:44 PM | Posted by Sunny_Girl_36


09.10.14, 11:06 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Of course you can’t take it It belongs to the bus company!

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