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Boneless Bananas

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Good to know, because I once chipped a tooth on a banana.

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07.05.11, 9:41 AM | Posted by Major R

Are they 50¢ or 89¢ each?

09.08.11, 2:24 PM | Posted by littlefish

Bananas Have bones? We’ve this genetic modified food too far.

11.27.11, 6:12 PM | Posted by Dawn

Didn’t know bones in bananas were an issue.

02.25.12, 11:18 PM | Posted by lisa

quick get them the little blue pill.

03.12.12, 7:01 PM | Posted by therealhannah

banana bone! shoe boop ba do! ring ring ring…

06.27.12, 7:56 PM | Posted by brenchu321

Crud… I like bone bananas…

07.27.12, 10:21 AM | Posted by Eric

They go great with the seedless chicken.

12.28.12, 10:32 AM | Posted by Cat123

Or seedless turkey or ham or meat or pork! !!!!!!!@!!!!!!!!#!!!

11.06.14, 10:07 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

I don’t like your peaches, they are full of stones;
I like bananas, because they have no bones!

11.12.14, 8:32 PM | Posted by sandeesandlz98

well it’s about freakin time cuz i’m so sick of picking banana bones

12.08.15, 2:37 AM | Posted by skywatcher

No bones? But I was going to make banana stew!!

01.18.16, 10:23 AM | Posted by Gwendolyn

Boneless bananas are seedless bananas which is what is commercially grown. Bananas in the wild have seeds inside which is called a “Bone”. They are now reproduced asexually from offshoots, and bred to no longer have seeds inside the fruit. A similar process is used to make seedless watermelons.

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