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“Eat and Get the Hell Out!” – Bob’s Grill

Submitted by Rachelle Leech

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10.05.11, 4:19 PM | Posted by Rachelle

This was taken in Nags Head, North Carolina.

10.28.11, 7:26 AM | Posted by Melanie

that’s Bob’s in Kill Devil Hills, NC and that’s actually the restaurant slogan, so the sign was not defaced!

02.06.12, 6:56 PM | Posted by therealhannah


07.26.12, 3:43 AM | Posted by stuff

Guy-speaks to bob-why should I get
The hell out. Bob-coz its our slogan

08.11.12, 4:00 AM | Posted by jorgie

Haha stuff really sad

09.02.12, 3:34 AM | Posted by LewisM

Jorge, lighten up, man. Hard working people need something to smile, to laugh about, especially after paying taxes. so go have yourself a burger. or a veggie burger w/o bread, whateverr. and at the end, remember Bob’s slogan, crack a smile, and say hello to a stranger. that may just be the one good thing the poor soul gets all day.

10.04.13, 10:36 PM | Posted by bob

I’m Bob, and I approve of this sign

09.27.14, 8:45 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Sounds like a New Yorker

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