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A billboard for a truck repair business in a small South-Central Virginia town called Hopewell.

“Blooming Idiots Inc. – Truck Repair – 804-452-2222”

Photo submitted by Louis Ogden.

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05.25.12, 1:53 PM | Posted by Brad Arnold

The owner certainly knows his people.

07.15.12, 3:58 PM | Posted by Louis

I do not know what to add other than – Yes – I do know this sign because I took the picture. If there is anything more specific you need, I would be glad to provide the info but I do not quite understand what it is you are looking for.

08.17.12, 11:47 AM | Posted by Rather dull dead corpse

Idiots are spreading like weeds!

10.07.12, 3:04 PM | Posted by therealhannah

more correctly, idiots are blooming like flowers

04.18.13, 11:54 AM | Posted by Common man

At least not “bleeping” idiots!

06.06.13, 5:41 PM | Posted by Agreen

A little to honest , maybe ?

07.28.14, 11:19 PM | Posted by Darkus Relling

Because corporations are blooming idiots.

10.01.14, 9:09 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Don’t say that in Delaware, Darkus.

10.06.14, 1:47 PM | Posted by Zanaria

I think that business name would be better suited to a florist who deals with people new to gardening…

10.25.15, 4:49 PM | Posted by Teddy

I will bet good money that THIS is NOT false advertising.

04.17.16, 8:32 PM | Posted by meow point1

I wouldn’t want an idiot fixing my truck! (I don’t have a truck, but if I did I wouldn’t!)

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