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Big Bone Lick State Park

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Photo taken off of  I-75  South, in Florence, Kentucky.

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01.30.12, 9:16 AM | Posted by Beth

Big Bone Lick is in Kentucky or Tennessee. It’s a State Park. Apparently, dinosaurs used to come there for the salt/mineral deposits, like leaving salt for deer. Dinos=big bone Salt/Minerals=lick.

02.18.12, 3:13 PM | Posted by therealhannah

for giant dogs only

05.30.12, 6:04 AM | Posted by Elizabeth

Big Bone Lick State Park is in Northern Kentucky. The big bones were from wooly mammoths, not dinosaurs. Kentucky was covered with a shallow ocean during the time of the dinosaurs.

07.01.12, 2:00 PM | Posted by Wilhelmina

I wonder if Clifford comes here regularly.

08.19.12, 9:47 AM | Posted by wolfie1232

So dinosaurs skate there

11.11.12, 9:38 AM | Posted by The Man

Is it a park for porn

06.06.13, 12:20 PM | Posted by Agreen

Hope the Boy Scouts don’t camp out there

10.19.13, 7:49 PM | Posted by Tristan

It’s on Beaver Road! I died laughing.

02.17.14, 12:19 AM | Posted by sue

This is a family friendly web site???

09.30.14, 10:32 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

I don’t want to know.

12.14.14, 4:52 AM | Posted by Tracy Holden

I grew up just north of there, in Florence, KY. Big Bone Lick State Park is in Union, KY. I loved going there growing up!! Great memories……….❤

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