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Beware Jumping Gay Walrus

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Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

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04.19.11, 10:14 AM | Posted by Benjamin

He’ll be the one with a super cute clutch purse and fabulous shoes!

04.28.11, 11:22 AM | Posted by Major

Where is the sign for the heterosexual walruses? Not cool man… not cool…

05.31.11, 11:58 AM | Posted by Maddi

Beware – jumping exuberant, animated, happy, gleeful walrus.

We just discussed the REAL meaning of “GAY” in school. :-)

03.23.12, 4:41 PM | Posted by Telapoopy

i like the Seinfield reference in the description…

12.23.12, 9:45 PM | Posted by jazzy

when a kid walks up to ya and they say what dose gay mean? don’t say what it really is if they r little. just say gay means happy . OK

01.02.13, 1:49 PM | Posted by OldPatzer

This sign has been very beautifully Photoshopped. “M.B.M.C.” means “Manhattan Beach [California] Muncipal Code”. The original sign said “No Jumping From Pier”. You can see the original sign here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/atwatervillage/379491584/

04.30.13, 8:44 AM | Posted by dat kid

oldpatzer you have take the fun out of it

08.24.13, 4:37 PM | Posted by layla

how do you know its gay

09.30.14, 8:38 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

That sounds like a code name for an intelligence agent.

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