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Engrish, Warning

Please don’t smoke while you beat the moose.

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12.30.11, 12:26 AM | Posted by megan

Wheres my moose beating stick LOL

05.25.12, 1:56 PM | Posted by Brad Arnold

Huh? Oh. No, Beat the Bear is around the corner.

07.10.12, 6:31 AM | Posted by therealhannah

COOL a death sentence! 🙂

08.25.12, 4:37 AM | Posted by Justine

I’ve seen than several times and Everytime I read it as “Beat the Mouse” as opposed to “Moose” ! idk wh.

05.23.13, 8:51 PM | Posted by credible

behind this sign a contest is held “win by being a moose”

09.29.14, 7:01 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

I’ll bet Midge is furious.

05.18.15, 8:32 AM | Posted by AllenSmithee

Well, time to go outside and beat the moose.

12.01.15, 2:00 AM | Posted by skywatcher

After a hard day’s work, like to come home, relax and beat the moose.

03.25.16, 8:01 PM | Posted by Heather

Doug – Brilliant!

09.03.16, 9:33 PM | Posted by Nichard Rixon

You’ll be taking an unlucky strike.

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