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Secret headquarters: You’re doing it wrong.

“Bat Cave – Exit 49A – 64 East”

Photo submitted by Caleb Young

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06.01.12, 8:37 AM | Posted by Chris

Batman and Robin, this way please.

06.03.12, 12:05 PM | Posted by Mirrormall

Joker: Ive found you at last hahaha! now to turn the sign around and confuse them all…

08.24.12, 7:00 PM | Posted by therealhannah

i will use my bat powers to fly us there! (crashes into wall)
ok, never mind

10.22.12, 10:12 AM | Posted by Herman Frisbee

This sign is in Old Fort, NC. Just east of Ashville in the western end of the state.

02.04.13, 8:54 PM | Posted by Don

Boy…Batman really is gonna be upset at the state.

03.24.13, 3:26 PM | Posted by Monique Atgood

Batman is gonna be ticked.

06.15.13, 11:08 PM | Posted by Darkus

Goddammit, Robin.

05.27.14, 4:21 PM | Posted by Batman

Guess I have to fire Alfred…

04.02.15, 9:08 AM | Posted by lobo

Note to self;
Fire Alfred

10.25.15, 4:47 PM | Posted by Teddy

it’s gotta a be a trick…there’s NO WAY it would really be on Highway 64…c’mon people READ YOUR COMICS

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