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Basically, You’re Doomed

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Engrish, Warning

“Police Notice: Swimming in sea assures your death. Boating leads your way to death soon. Horse riding is banned. Beware of touts.”

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06.08.11, 3:43 PM | Posted by Diana

I tend to get touts when I’ve had too many beans..

Beware Indeed..

06.16.11, 9:36 PM | Posted by dert

beware of signs

08.30.11, 1:33 AM | Posted by Crazy

i am NOT doomed

09.29.11, 2:46 PM | Posted by Steimy

Wait, and there are still people on that beach? Didn’t sound all that inviting to me.

09.25.12, 12:46 AM | Posted by Shadow

people obviously don’t read signs these days

11.17.12, 8:32 AM | Posted by therealhannah

ok ill just ride my donkey

05.23.13, 8:55 PM | Posted by credible

otherwise enjoy your vacation at this beach

09.14.14, 10:01 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Notice that the sign is not standing upright. For all we know they may be taking it down.

06.01.15, 7:42 PM | Posted by Mr. Skungeous

That looks like Hebrew to me, which drains the funny right out of it; what they really mean is “we will gun down anyone attempting to escape the Gaza strip.”

12.09.15, 3:14 AM | Posted by skywatcher

Obviously it’s a topless beach so you can see the touts.

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