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“Bacon Ice Cream – Oh Yes We Did”

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08.24.12, 6:39 PM | Posted by therealhannah

i hate bacon: eating pigs is evil! EVIL!!!!! >:(

09.24.12, 3:33 PM | Posted by Kallee

just when you thought they couldn’t do it…

01.04.13, 11:31 AM | Posted by therealhannahisanimposter

for the first time I agree with therealhannah

05.24.13, 6:07 PM | Posted by Amanda

I like bacon, and of course eating pigs is not evil…

Did you know that every year, millions of innocent plants are brutally murdered by vegetarians???

06.02.13, 6:19 AM | Posted by Jessica

finding a vegetarian/vegan is easier than counting to 8. 1-2- hey look a vegetarian/vegan! seriously, let people eat what they want. I don’t like brussel sprouts, but guess what? I DONT GANG UP ON PEOPLE WHO DO.

05.21.14, 11:43 PM | Posted by kem

I’ve had it. It’s REALLY good. I AGREE with Jessica. Oh, and I still think Hannah is nuts, and not in a funny way

09.15.14, 9:19 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Never mind all that! They’re advertising bacon – flavored ice cream and assuring us it’s for real.

12.18.14, 1:39 PM | Posted by Yoshi

Chocolate-covered bacon.

You’re welcome

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