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Attention Dog Guardians – Pick up after your dogs. Thank you.”

Attention Dogs – Grrrr, bark, woof. Good dog.”

District of North Vancouver – Bylaw 5981-11(i)

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02.21.12, 6:42 PM | Posted by therealhannah

uh, DOGS CANT READ!!!!!!!

04.22.12, 5:07 AM | Posted by Pet

Way to kill the joke.

07.12.12, 12:58 PM | Posted by theponen

Now that’s what I call bilingual!

08.31.12, 6:47 AM | Posted by Ben

Oh, its Canada, that makes sense

09.24.12, 3:05 PM | Posted by wolfie1232

Ummm I can read dog and that says canada sucks and britain rocks and so does america

10.20.12, 7:49 PM | Posted by therealhannah

thank you wolfie1232, i am american (for real) and thank you pet (sarcasm)

06.26.13, 7:17 PM | Posted by watercheetah

Dogs cant talk anyway so why did they have it on there??

06.30.13, 9:23 AM | Posted by Dogs.funny

I like it when people come together and share ideas.

Great website, stick with it!

08.20.13, 4:14 PM | Posted by Anony mouse

My Dog read this and then translated it to me it says #%$@ $#!*^$#% I was quite offended and so was my dog everyone but the cat for some reason

08.30.13, 12:35 PM | Posted by Trev

They have this exact same sign in summerside PEI, except the bottom part obviously

09.28.14, 10:28 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

There are dogs who can read and THAT is what you put on a sign for them?!

11.21.14, 8:24 AM | Posted by Canada Girl

It’s unfortunate that Americans and Brits have such a problem with good Canadian humor. Stop taking this so literally and take the sticks out of your butts.

01.22.15, 9:43 PM | Posted by Not Telling You

Scene:Dog and human at sign
Human:hmm, ok. Come on fluffy!
Dog:Grrrrr! Bark Bark! Woof! Woof!
Human:Grrrrrrrrrrr!:tugs on leash:
Human:picks up dog and walks away
Passerbys:looks strangely at human and dog.
Human to passerbys:GRRRRRRRRRR!

11.23.16, 2:49 PM | Posted by Seacook

To Canada Girl: what’s unfortunate is that it is assumed that *all* Americans and Brits don’t comprehend a good joke regardless of its country of origin. I am American, think this sign is FABULOUS – is it possible to buy one? – and do not judge all Canadians as narrow minded based solely upon your biased post. (Yes I do admit there are a good many Americans – I won’t presume to speak for Brits – that seem to have small oak trees up their posteriors, but not all of us are humor-impaired.)

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