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“Canadians Make Better Stools – L’il Stool House”

Photo taken by Lainie Cambria in Ottawa, ON

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05.26.11, 11:43 AM | Posted by denise nelson

Americans make better turds!

06.10.11, 5:17 PM | Posted by trisha

americans make better grobal warning

10.15.11, 8:27 AM | Posted by Dinoraptor101

O.O that’s funny guys, of course you know since Bulls wrote it, it belongs to Bulls who read it. they just didn’t expect humans can still read!!

05.23.12, 2:24 PM | Posted by 2k2 s2k

The people that own the sign want to know who the wise guy was that put the “S” in front of the “T”.

07.09.12, 5:04 PM | Posted by therealhannah

that may be true, but they make AWFUL singers. im pointing a finger at justin bieber!

09.01.12, 12:28 AM | Posted by ME oH..


09.01.12, 12:29 AM | Posted by ME oH..

Lol, “therealhannah”

04.20.13, 6:32 PM | Posted by Flatulating Bob

They haven’t seen some of my stools. I once clogged up a toilet from another room.

09.23.13, 5:16 PM | Posted by Flatulating Hannah

They haven’t seen some of my singers. I once signed a contract a singer that was popular with teens from another country.

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