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All Employees Must Wash Genitals

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I’m afraid to ask what line of profession these employees are in…

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10.17.11, 8:33 AM | Posted by Johnathan

what is this? a porno movie set

12.30.11, 3:54 AM | Posted by megan

I like that they want clean employees

01.05.12, 5:12 PM | Posted by Maddie

0.o weird…..

05.22.12, 5:28 PM | Posted by Brad Arnold

“We were getting complaints.”

08.16.12, 2:14 PM | Posted by wolfie1232

Who checks if they do

04.20.13, 3:55 PM | Posted by Flatulating Bob

I will be inspecting all female employees, to insure this policy is strictly enforced. I hope this is a sign at Hooters.

05.23.13, 9:53 PM | Posted by credible

not only employees,but everyone should do it…at least one in a while.

08.20.13, 3:58 PM | Posted by Anony mouse

Well… I quit.

09.29.14, 8:57 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

I wouldn’t mind much, but that faucet suggests I’m to do it in the sink in the back room, rather than in a washroom! I’ll quit first!!

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