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AIM Plumbing Truck

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Business, Car

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10.26.11, 10:22 AM | Posted by makaila

that was something i really din’t need to see.

11.30.11, 4:26 PM | Posted by Robin

i see them all the while where i live

06.27.12, 7:38 AM | Posted by jabbers

Well that’s disturbing.

07.21.12, 5:00 PM | Posted by lisa

well if your having a down day, thats sure to make you smile,

01.09.14, 8:14 AM | Posted by mnisaacsmn

That is awesome. The guy waving just enhances my experience.

09.29.14, 12:19 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Cop: “All right, buddy! Off the toity and out of the truck!”

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