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Ah, the difference an “L” makes

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“Ramada Limited – Starting at $49.95 – Nice Rooms – Refreshing Poo”

Photo taken by Chris in Lexington, KY.

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11.27.11, 6:10 PM | Posted by Dawn

Nothing is better then some nice refreshing poo!

03.02.12, 4:56 PM | Posted by therealhannah

$4995 is really expensive for some poo time!

07.07.12, 11:17 AM | Posted by some guy who is writting this comment

ill stick with the pool

07.13.12, 11:36 AM | Posted by kevin
11.07.12, 8:34 AM | Posted by Christof

why would I spend $49.95 to get refreshing poo when I can just poo in the bathtub and lay in it with my head sticking out… your own poo is free!!!! Don’t go in someone else’s poo! IT’S DISGUSTING!!!!!

11.19.12, 3:53 AM | Posted by Bob

There must be a shortage of letter “L”‘s because I have seen about 5 or 6 poo signs. Has anyone considered using a different sign company!

04.06.13, 8:23 AM | Posted by Slender Man

yum, poo. but I think I`ll stick with kids.

05.12.14, 4:46 AM | Posted by Gene Snyder

I think people would need tetanus shot after refreshing in the poo

05.13.14, 10:00 AM | Posted by Gene Snyder

Those people are going to need tetanus shot after refreshing in poop.

09.28.14, 12:00 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Ever hear Arrow’s song about pirates? It sounds like they’re singing “they live in poop, Madam.”

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