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AAA Batteries Delivered

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Wow… taking lazy to a new level!

“AAA Batteries Delivered and Installed”

Submitted by Noah Shlaes

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10.02.12, 4:37 PM | Posted by therealhannah

i dont get it, can someone explain…!?!

10.05.12, 9:14 PM | Posted by KingFireRider

to therealhannah
it a way to say people are lazy to install a small battery in a remote control item so they call the AAA

10.14.12, 2:13 PM | Posted by Lisa

Huh… I agree with therealhannah.
They install batteries if you are a member of AAA. Your car battery goes dead, they will come out and put a new AAA (as in American Automobile Association, also called Triple A)in.
I know there are AAA batteries for toys etc., but you can’t really misunderstand this.

10.17.12, 1:36 PM | Posted by Eva

I understand the pun, but I totally looked at it as AAA roadside service bringing and installing the battery
Not as tiny batteries (aaa) getting installed
Luv AAA, have used the battery installation a couple times.

10.29.12, 10:08 PM | Posted by Greg

Lisa; Not everyone who reads this site (or who understands English and uses a computer) lives in the USA. But we all use triple-A batteries, which makes this sign is quite funny.

01.19.13, 8:52 AM | Posted by therealhannah

i saw one of these in west chester, pa

03.06.14, 10:59 PM | Posted by Lew

They must have about a million of ‘em in there!

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