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A Very Compelling Warning

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Warning, Yard

“Warning: Pit Bull with AIDS”

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09.02.12, 2:12 PM | Posted by person

“forget the dog, beware of owner”

11.11.12, 7:42 PM | Posted by therealhannah

Dogs cant get aids!

01.26.13, 8:37 AM | Posted by The Shadow

So what your saying is: even though the dog has AIDS, I should still forget about it and beware of the owner? How can the owner be worse than that!?

04.16.14, 1:00 PM | Posted by Captain Obvious

@The Shadow – Isn’t it obvious? The owner is a zombie with AIDS, herpes, SARS, MRSA, the bubonic plague, and Ebola yet he still has good enough hand-eye coordination and mental capacity to use a gun.

09.12.14, 12:06 PM | Posted by Sakota

If he has a “Forget the dog” sign, why bother with a “BEWARE of dog” sign. And don’t say because it wouldn’t work then, ’cause technically, it doesn’t work now

10.07.14, 9:08 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Hannah, are you sure there’s no canine HIV?

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