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A Gentle Reminder

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Engrish, Restaurant

“A gentle reminder – You’d better enjoy your meal in 2 hours”

A Gentle Reminder photo taken by cowyeow on Flickr.

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01.13.13, 10:46 PM | Posted by Michael

In two hours I’ll be hungry again.

06.08.13, 10:35 PM | Posted by Dante Calvin

firmly grasp it with your hand

09.22.13, 9:07 AM | Posted by Sakota

What’s whith the spongebob refrance?

07.28.14, 11:06 PM | Posted by Darkus Relling

What’re you gonna do, break my arms? XD

09.30.14, 10:35 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

And if I refuse?

10.06.14, 1:57 PM | Posted by Zanaria

In two hours my meal will coming back out, and I likely wont be enjoying that…

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